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Oct 2017 - Present

Apr 2022 - Present

Shift Lead

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Lead shift of ~25+ engineers to manage Network Operations of Bank of America with 60,000+ network devices & with an annual revenue of $96.981 Bn.

  • Delegate, manage and expedite the resolution of 100+ tasks across a team of ~25 engineers to ensure timely and effective resolution.

  • Review & evaluate ~5 tickets a week to deliver insightful feedback to engineers to sustain excellent work notes on tickets.


  • Managed shifts alone after 1 KT session against an organization average of ~8 KTs.

Apr 2020 - Mar 2022

Sr. Operations Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Led the management and resolution of ~100 new tickets & ~350 old tickets per week for 4 cross-functional sub-teams and maintained Acknowledgement & Response TAT to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Saved a potential 100% network outage by identifying the root cause for and resolving any network-impacting incidents through collaboration among different sub-teams. 

  • Managed the smooth uninterrupted Network Operations of Rakuten Inc, the world’s first end-to-end cloud-based telecom provider with annual revenue of $ 1.74 Bn, by following ITIL best practices.

  • Facilitated collaboration among the sub-teams to identify root-cause for and resolve any network-impacting incidents.

  • Escalated critical incidents (~10 per week) to Global Support tier 4 engineers during any major or catastrophic service-impacting network outage.

  • Prepared weekly insights into the Security & Femto technology over 6 months, to present KPI of the devices, change requests executed, and upcoming plans to Senior Leadership.

  • Mentoring 5 new recruits & trainees through daily 1:1 training on basic concepts and on a case-by-case basis, to help them gain better domain knowledge and communication capabilities.



  • Enabled 90% decrease in TAT-breached tickets, by providing timely feedback to the Automation Team to get alerts on the IM tool, thereby enabling better tracking and eliminating manual effort.

  • Reduced Response TAT by ~20% by creating and implementing a Dashboard for efficient monitoring of unassigned tickets for 9 engineers.

  • Enabled 5Mn+ subscribers’ growth in Rakuten Mobile’s customer base by ensuring smooth functioning of network operations and mitigating any service impact for end users.

  • Recognized as the Star Performer of the month (Sep 2021) among a team of 64 for perfect and consistent performance.

May 2018 – Mar 2020

Network Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating with the internal team, 3 vendors & clients to discuss the service impact and prepare well in advance; documenting the service impact in Methods of Procedures (MoPs) and executing the network changes in Vodafone Idea Limited.

  • Attended ~12 internal network change management calls per month to review upcoming outages and service impact for planned changes; Communicated the impact forecast to prepare the client for the same.

  • Created ~4 MoPs and executed ~4 configuration changes per day to enhance network performance or to accommodate network changes for new network connectivity

  • Coordinated with the client and 3 vendors to discuss and optimize service impact for planned critical network changes, in the absence of the Team Lead.


  • Received accelerated promotion to Sr. Operations Engineer in 2.5 years, against an organization average of 4+ years.

  • Reduced the TAT for preparing Network Summary Reports from 5+ hours to 1 hour by automating the reporting process.

  • Successfully migrated ~2,000+ Idea subscribers to Vodafone infrastructure during their merger, by collaborating with a team of 3 core members to create MoPs, perform speed tests and analyze user behaviour.

  • Supported the migration of 100% VoLTE services network traffic for Gujarat Circle (~4 lakh+ users) from Ahmedabad PCRF device to Rajkot PCRF device, by coordinating with 2 client teams and 3 vendors.

  • Created a script to automatically fetch subscriber details from 5 EPC devices, hence mitigating manual efforts of running hourly commands on each device to prepare a Device-wise subscriber report.

Oct 2017 – Apr 2018

Trainee Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Created daily MoPs and executed basic configuration changes on network devices to accommodate network changes and enhance the network; Prepared regular hourly-based Network Summary Reports and KPI Reports.

  • Placed on Vodafone-Idea project within 2 months of training; Independently handled shifts within 1.5 months of joining the project, against organization standard of 3 months for experienced personnel.

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